The NL Biomass Legal Case

The NL Biomassa Legal Case

Your tax money goes to the subsidies on biomass, at the expense of your health, nature, the climate and therefore the future. Do you want this to stop? Then support us today.

The highest court in the Netherlands ruled in the Urgenda Climate Case that we have a real chance of dying from the consequences of CO2 emissions. That is why the Dutch State is obligated to reduce these emissions by 25% by the end of 2020. 

The biomass case
The evidence is clear. To prevent catastrophic global warming, we must greatly reduce CO2 emissions and increase carbon storage in natural ecosystems. Forests are the best way to remove carbon from the air. However with biomass burning the Dutch government promotes tree felling and wood burning. They say the trees will grow back, so burning is "carbon neutral". As a result, there is an explosive increase in forest clearing, which increases the emission of greenhouse gases and particulate matter. As a result, serious damage to our health, forests and thus biodiversity and climate is expected.

Backed by science we are going to file lawsuits against the government and wood burning industry. Forest clearing and biomass burning destroy cultural heritage and ancient forests and damage the health and well-being of communities worldwide. This policy collides with EU policy to protect the environment, use natural resources wisely, combat climate change and ensure that the polluter pays.

In addition to the legal objections, WOB requests, defaults, updating and revocation requests for permits for the biomass plant addressed to the Province and the Environment Agency, we have also started the first legal proceedings. Unfortunately, many will have to follow to get rid of this destructive policy. Do you want to support us? Read below how you can help.

Your contribution
Donate what you choose to our legal fund. We will use it entirely for future legal cases. All donations we receive are spent on the lawsuits, no money goes to side activities. You can also be an active petitioner in the lawsuits. Please transfer at least 10 euros with the reference "Biomass business" and contact us. We can then inform you of any information we have collected about the individuals involved. In addition, you will be actively involved in the possible choices we will make regarding the legal cases.

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About us

The website is part of a large-scale attack by a large number of national and international organizations on the paid pro biomass lobby in the Netherlands. We prosecute people who are responsible for ensuring that your tax money is used to cut down the forests to be burned in the more than 600 biomass plants in the Netherlands at the expense of your health, nature, the climate and thus the future. We are the co-founders of the National Federation against Biomass power plants and host the websites and If you want to know more about us, click here ....

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